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My Future Vison

The world is a dramatically different place then it was in 1901, a world that would have been unrecognisable to men like Sir Henry Parkes and Sir Edmund Barton.

My father, born in 1914 tells of using a writing slate, a writing slate is a thin piece of hard, flat material such as mica that is used as a medium for writing.

Today he watches amazed at his great grand children using iPads and Tablets.  We have gone from sending telegraphic messages in  Morse code to FaceTime, an Apple Inc proprietary videotelephony product.

The world and in particular Australia has changed a lot since Federation of Australia in 1901.  Australia has changed a lot since I was born in 1953, mobile phones and the internet were science fiction to me as a child.

Around three hundred years ago the world, Europe and America in particular, underwent a revolution, not a war, but a change in the way we do things,  The Industrial Revolution. Goods that were once made by hand were now made by machines.  The power at this time was in the hands of the owners of the land and the associated peasants:- The Lord of the Manor, a lordship emanating from the feudal system of manorialism.

The problem now was that the people that made things, the blacksmiths etc., didn’t need a lot of land and wealth, they just needed a machine.  Theses artisans became the businessmen that owned the factories that made the goods, and the “associated peasants” worked in them.

Eventually the Manufacturers became wealthy and powerful, and where feudalism is based on how much land you had and how many soldiers to protect it, the new wealthy and powerful were so because of the Capital they had. This slowly led to the birth of Capitalism.

What we see at the moment is the birth of a new age, just as machines gave birth to the industrial age, technology is giving birth to the technological age. Just as capital gave one power in the industrial age, intellectual property is the currency of the new age.

Intellectualism has been around since the days of Socrates but I think it needs to be revisited, from a twenty first century viewpoint.

So where to from here:-


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