“I’m disappointed by those who want to change the date of Australia Day, seeking to take a day that unites Australia and Australians and turn it into one that would divide us,”
“Australia Day is a day to come together and celebrate what unites us, what inspires us, what gives all of us reason to be proud that we are Australian.”
“A free country debates its history – it does not deny it. It builds new monuments as it preserves old ones, writes new books, not burn old ones.”
“In a world too often riven with discord and violence, we have so much to celebrate here in Australia.”

Well Prime Minister, I am more than disappointed in you, I am ashamed to call you my Prime Minister. Just change the word world to history and see if that last sentence makes sense.  Ignoring history doesn’t make it go away, ignoring the “First Australians” won’t make them go away either.  We love our history and our heritage, and will fight for it.  SO DO THEY!