My apologies to maggot lovers.

Ms Hanson seems determined to show her total lack of intelligence or knowledge about the world, well Pauline, you’re succeeding. I never thought I would be agreeing and quoting Barnaby Joyce but he sums it up well. “Bat poo crazy”, “This kind of stuff does not help anybody, It was just stupid, it was plain dumb,” he said.

Now that could be said about most things that she has vomited out of her foul, bigoted, racist mouth.  He was commenting on her remarks.

This, however, was in reply to this statement by the maggot. “Let me put it in this analogy – we have a disease, we vaccinate ourselves against it, Islam is a disease; we need to vaccinate ourselves against that.”  she said on Friday.

Previously she said that if you were born in a Muslim country then you are a Muslim.  Since when did Islam become a nationality?

Now, these are just the stupid ignorant ravings of a deluded woman, but some of what she says couldn’t be that stupid even for her, they have to be deliberate.  Her latest rantings were insinuating that banning Muslim immigration would have prevented the London killings.

First, the blood hungry leech is using the deaths of these poor innocent victims as ammunition to spread her hatred and lies in her continuing attempt to promote the terrorist’s objective.  Secondly, a ban on immigration would have done nothing, the terrorist was born in the UK.

Previously she had to apologise for her immunisation remarks:

Hanson admitted to being wrong on Sunrise this morning, saying she’d heard from medical experts that a vaccination test existed. “Yes, I do apologise,” she said. “If that be the case, I am wrong, all right,” she told presenter David Koch. “I was of the opinion that I did read that was the case. Um, apparently it’s not.”

But with even right-wing commentators criticising Hanson over the comments — is an apology enough?

Absolutely not, the woman should be stripped of any right to speak, she is dangerous.  An apology means nothing if people die because of her “mistakes”.