You know I hear a lot of bullshit from both sides when it comes to assimilation and “one nation” disambiguation: Pauline Hanson’s One Nation,

Why, why do we all have to be the same, why do we all have to have “One Culture”, and what is that “One Culture” we want. I love the mix of cultures, I love the hustle and bustle of the markets and shops at Cabramatta. I love the way the old Chinese ladies look up at you and smile innocently when they push in front of you at Paddies market because they have already given their order shouted in Chinese among another hundred screaming Chinese voices. Some of the most peaceful serine beautiful women I have seen have been stunningly dressed and wearing a hijab. Multiculturalism is OUR CULTURE, has been ever since we stole this land. The first fleet was full of people of different cultures. English, Irish, Scottish, American, African American, there were 235 non English first fleeters.

Also were at least 12 black Africans, Americans or West Indians plus 14 North Americans, and 15 Other Nationalities ,comprising convicts from Madagascar, West Indies, Holland, France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Jamaica, Sweden, Bengal India, and Scandinavia

At least 9 Jewish folk, in the main convicts, were also on the Fleet.

There were only around 730 convicts in total so around 1/3 were not from England. The first fleet was multicultural, we have always been multicultural, Australia doesn’t mind multiculturalism it is just that some people don’t like some cultures.