Oh My God it’s 7 am on a Sunday morning which equates to about 3 am on a weekday, much too early to wake up except for those freaks who sit reading the paper at 4 am sipping a coffee or some sort of leaf infused water, before wiring up their vitals and heading off down a leafy lane or a busy inner city street to keep their minds and bodies tuned.

My morning routine consists of the avoidance of mirrors or any reflective surfaces until after the second coffee.  My coffee is a latte (oh I must be a greenie), made just right by only the best barrister the finest coffee grounds from the most environmentally friendly plantations, served in a lovely sunny “al fresco” cafe.  The whole thing freeze dried and packaged into a one serve satchel which I pour into a cup and follow with boiling water.

Sipping the coffee I walk slowly to the kitchen table concentrating carefully on navigating through the emails on my android.  Sitting down at the table technology is demanding I put down my “Latte” as still wincing as I delete each piece of spam and thinking I must look at my filters. I slowly open my notebook which everyone calls a laptop as I see a notification for an interesting post on a political forum I subscribe too.

What’s more amazing than the fact that I wrote that, and understand what I wrote, is that some readers will understand it and some may even relate to it.  I was going to write something profound, but then I remembered only arrogant people set out to write something profound, humble people just write it.

Anyway I digress, back to the topic, phone-messages-blah blah blah-blah blah blah. Notebook – Facebook-blah blah blah when I remember being woken up.

Not the dawning of awareness, light through the curtains, I’m alive, that’s good all going to plan so far, the room is intact so hopefully is the house, suburb, town, country and planet. I will find out for sure after I make coffee, I will turn on “I wake up with today” who will rapidly reassure me that all is still fine in the world despite all the grizzly news that they will tell me at 9 and give me updates every half hour.  They also inform me that I will be hearing from Kate’s shoe sales person, who will tell us what the royals wear when they are walking on eggshells.  I am also told that the new Star Bright will be telling us how she copes being a young single mother thrust into instant fame and fortune.  A professor from the University of Television research will explain his new book “Sharia Law the world law by 2020”.  But first Johno is going to tell us why this pillow, only $59.99 is better than the one you have… but wait there’s more, if you ring in the next 60 minutes you will get another one FREE, that’s right TWO for the price of one..

News … where is the God damn news.  Ah it’s nine, yes hello and thank you please just read the news. Someone bashed his wife, a kid drove into a tree and killed his friends, they were all under 15, Jacqui Lambie is not happy, wait, she is not happy.  She wants every thing straight up, no bs, black and white.  Well why Jacqui, it means we have to think, know how to spell, what’s wrong with Jacky, or Jackie.  Well lets not be sexist let’s just go with Jack.

Now Jack, lets leave your surname until another time. Oh no not another add, I don’t need anymore coffee.  I turn off the television and remember the posting that had attracted my attention inspiring me to write something.  I will get around to it soon, it’s about complacency.