The US has supported Australia for a long time, we have always had good close ties Militarily, politically and economically.

These deals that are struck between countries are similar in ways to a business deal between two friendly companies.  The deal will increase profits for both companies.  Like wise, a deal between nations is usually one where both nations win.

Sometimes the deal seems one sided, that one side scores something and the other loses something.  This is fine if it is an ongoing long term relationship as sooner or later another deal with the opposite affect will swing the balance back. What you lose on the swings, you make up for on the roundabouts (Look it up).

They are NOT however friendships.  Friendships come with good deals, not deals come with good friendships.  Actually experience shows us that making a business deal with a friend can be a recipe for disaster, whilst friendly relations with a business partner is good.  There is a difference.

If things start to go wrong in a Business Friendship, we say “Well that’s what can happen in business”, the friendship may sour but adjustments are made to the deal and we move on.

If things start to go wrong in a Friendship Business, then things usually get nasty.

The Australian -US “friendship” is a business friendship, we are friends because we do good fair honourable business with each other.  It’s not helping a “mate” out picking him up from the pub when he is drunk, we do that out of “love” more then goodness or kindness.

A good Business Friendship between countries shouldn’t keep books.  A quick look at the balance sheet to make sure each side is in the black and if it is a good friendship, help and advice to get it back in the black.

This is the first sign that it is a Business Friendship.

He also tweeted that the Allies were “Using” them, well Mr Trump, I believe that the US has been using every country it does deals with.

It is definitely an Alliance Friendship, not an Alliance of friends.