Harsh words, definitely, but true in my honest opinion.

Let’s look at deceitful, it means to deceive, not necessarily illegal unless it is a fraudulent action. Donald Trump put a huge fortune towards his own campaign, the difference is he was open about it.

Did it give him an “unfair” advantage, hard to say, did that 1.7M go into advertising, handouts etc.  Of course an increase in election funds gives you an increased advantage, whether it is unfair or not is really hard to determine.

The point of the argument though is not what is legal, it is what is moral.  Of all the attributes a good leader should have is a high moral ground.  Even if you have to “fake it” like trump did saying he will just take a $1 salary.  Trump probably tips more each week then he would be getting in salary, yes I think he is probably a big tipper, it makes him feel like ha has helped the “little” people out and of course it makes him look good.

Turnbull is no different really, oh I know all about how gentle a man he is, about how he was brought up but he became a capitalist businessman, bang there goes any humanity.  Humanity doesn’t fit into the capitalist equation, it can’t.  If you have a million dollar company and circumstances change, and you need to lay off some staff or go down the drain and all staff will be unemployed.

That’s when you give them the firm double handshake.  Grasp their right hand firmly with your right hand then place your left hand gently over the top of theirs, you smile sadly and nod to each other knowingly.

“I’m sorry Fred but sales have dropped and production costs have increased and well you know the story, your happy face and good work attitude will be missed”, you thrust a fifty into their hand and nod a silent “It’s OK keep it, I wish I could do more”. He smiles back at you wiping the tear from his eye, you nod again, turn, straighten up and walk away. Job done that should more than cover the cost of the new robotic system.

That’s the nature of the beast and to tame that beast you have to be hard, you can be fair, you can be generous, you can be benevolent but when the crunch comes you have to be able to be hard.

Now that’s not that bad a trait to have, but it still must be done with humanity, or the result isn’t worth the price, your humanity is always too much to pay.

Why a coward, read the papers.