There is an old saying “You can only play the hand you have been dealt”

Slowly around the table each hand is dealt out, the cards are not in order, it is late at night and I am inspired to write not think about details. Please someone comment about the order save me looking it up.

Putin: Just when Russia had started to become un newsworthy except for poverty and corruption, along comes Putin to stir things up.  Well it had been a long time since Russia flexed it’s muscles and Putin likes doing that. So he Putin card is the Ukraine war.

Brexit: I think this made us all sit up a bit, most of us have no idea what it meant or means but we were shocked, we just didn’t know why. The consequences haven’t yet been fully realised, but in my opinion if someone wins, someone loses.  This also caused a shakeup of British Politics

Germany: Of all places! That’s all I hear or see in reference to a lot of stories about Germany lately.  Opening their doors to refugees, who Germany, of all places.  Why of all places? Do we believe that Germany would be any less humanitarian than anyone else.

Kim Jong-il: By dying, yes he was a ruthless communist military dictator, but he was relatively stable. Kim Jong-un however reminds me of the cowboy in the old westerns.  He reaches into a box and pulls out a stick of dynamite, lights the fuse in the fire then uses the burning fuse to light a badly rolled cigarette, spits on the fuse to put it out just as it reaches the end.  Then laughs at all the others that had dived for cover.  He is a loose cannon.

and the fifth card is the Trump card, pun intended.

I think Trump is a good thing in a bad way. He will show the US for what they really are. We are never game to speak out against the US, he is like a big brother, yes he is a bit of a bully and a lout, but he is family, and after he has a little fun with us at our expense, then ruffles our hair and says “Hey kid, don’t worry about it, we’re family alright”.

I think the world has outgrown the US’s, big brother role.  I think it is the time to stand up to the US, threaten to pull the bases and mutual cooperation.  Our friendship has always been many pronged.  We are military allies, we share a similar political stance and we are significant trade partners.  Start messing with one and things get out of balance.

If ever the world is going to tell the US to go take a hike, calm down and remember that their way is not necessarily always the best way.  I am sure we won’t be left alone.

The world has changed and the unrest we see is a result of it, we except it and move on or it will swallow us.  We need to sit back, study the cards, and play the hand we are dealt.