The most amazing thing I find about Ms Hanson is that she can even think 90% of the trash she thinks.

It’s sad that this poor woman has to scour the media to find any handle from which to hang her bitterness and ignorance.  It always appears that the closer something is to the truth, the more it sticks in her gullet.

Hanson was commenting on the new Meant & Livestock add, it’s not what is in it she appears to dislike, it’s what isn’t in it.  She says it’s “ratbags” shoving aside celebration of “our” national day.

To start of with, they are not ratbags, they are an advertising company and Hanson has just boosted their add a thousand times, it is now being seen and noticed by an ordinance many folds larger and is now receiving thousands of on air time for free.

The add shows that we have a great sense of humour (well most of us), that we are friendly, willing to share and accept others, even if they are a little different and that we are forgiving and honest.  Yes I can see why that sticks in One Nations gullet, they have none of these Australian attributes, especially the “Fair Go” attitude we once were so proud of.

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