Welcome to my brand new blog. 

I have spent many years posting on forums and such but now I have decided to have my own blog as well. I have started writing a page on Australian Politics which is far from being finished.  I will write pages on other subjects from time to time.  Thank you for your patience.

Update: I will be paying for this site so I can add a chat section among other things, then I will have a Lounge Area where people can discuss issues directly or socialise. Just need to get the $100 or so.

You will notice that besides the standard Home, Contact, and About, I have additional menu items:-

  • Australian Politics
  • My Future Vision
  • and Welcome 

These are direct links to the 3 categories I will post to the most.  It will show the same as using the Categories drop down list, but slightly easier to use.

If you know me from the forums please say hi, if you don’t then please introduce yourself.