We are seeing a decline in both the standards of politicians as well as the political process and this is not that surprising. We are seeing a drop in society in generals standards as well. So what do I mean by a drop in standards?

There is a saying, “To Hell in a Handbasket”, and unless we turn things around, I think that saying is where we are going. Complexity is what the problem really is …. life, technology, economics etc. are all becoming more complex.

There is no “one” thing that caused this aberration, and is it in fact an aberration or is it evolution. This is not the time or place to look at the evolution of society or politics , rather I will leave that for another article: The Rise and Fall of Capitalism. Needless to say, Australian Society and politics evolved right along with the rest of the world.

In the early years, the first 50 really, Australia was rather cut off from the rest of the world. Air travel was slow, expensive and uncomfortable, and our news came by paper, cable or radio. Like our flora and fauna had done over the past millions of years, our society and politics developed a uniqueness due to their isolation from the rest of the world.

Evolution just doesn’t happen, it is usually the result from pressure from the environment, climate change, food supply change etc.  Social evolution and therefore political evolution changes usually due to generational changes.  Each generation undergoes a pressure to change as each generation reaches puberty.  At this age we search for our identity, who are we and what is our place in the world, our music, our movies, our lifestyles all change.  There was the Rock n Roll age of the 50’s, look at “Grease” or “The Wild One”.  The next change to hit was “Metal” and the 70’s were born, “The Seekers” gave way to “ACDC”.  We have just gone through another “Heavy Metal”, grung, punk and industrial music. Now it’s not the music, that is only used for demonstrative purposes, but with each new generation comes a new set of values and ideologies.

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